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BostonTec Ergonomic Workstations

A properly designed, ergonomic workstation can increase productivity up to 25% and reduce
workplace injuries caused by repetitive motion tasks.

By utilizing a range of adjustable components, workstations can be configured to meet the
needs of 90% of operators or what ergonomists refer to as the 5th to 95th percentile.

Customize the size, capacity, style, drawers, shelves, electric outlets, lights, surface type, casters, and seemingly infinite accessories.

Working with the customer, our design team identifies and addresses the specific needs of the application. Our engineering team then creates a customized solution with renderings to assist in completion of the final design. Once designs are customer-approved, our engineering and production teams turn the
drawings into ergonomic workstations.

All products have a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

M-LINE can design the perfect workstation for your application.