It can tarnish your company’s reputation, cause production delays, create internal excess paperwork, and maybe even force your customer to look to your competition for a similar product. 

Walking a Fine Line with Packaging

Companies often walk a fine line between ensuring their packaging provides adequate shipping protection and overspending on the wrong materials. Under- and over-designed packaging can result from a company’s homegrown efforts that rely on internal engineers trained in product design – not packaging design.

Instead, firms with packaging challenges need to take more of a science-based approach, one that integrates engineering, technology, and effective management to create cost-effective solutions that work. That’s the approach M-Line’s packaging engineering staff takes, and it’s one reason M-Line, a leading packaging company in Ohio, has gained a reputation for handling tough packaging jobs with ease. M-Line’s packaging engineers act as an extension of your engineering and design staff to help develop all the packaging you need, and none that you don’t. This frees your engineering staff to focus on their core mission.

Engineered to Make a Difference

M-Line’s packaging engineers can create multifaceted designs using many types of materials and supply prototypes from their in-house design lab. They also provide the appropriate files and documentation to supplement your own quality system. In 2008, M-Line earned an ISO 9001 certification focused on design, providing extra assurance that it can deliver high-quality packaging solutions.

Certification requires a professional auditor to check and qualify M-Line’s quality system to ensure you can rely on its products. And because ISO standards embrace a continuous improvement mindset, the company is always working to improve its performance. When problems do arise, M-Line employs systematic problem-solving tools like root cause analysis to make sure they don’t happen again. With ISO 9001, your order is traceable from the time you place it until it arrives at your company. The result: you get the product you want on the day you need it! 

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