Both corrugated and foam custom box inserts are ideal if you have several items that need to go into the same package. We can even print directly onto corrugated custom box inserts. This gives you the ability to enhance your marketing efforts by showcasing your company directly on your custom box inserts – bolstering the quality of your products, as well as your company image.

M-Line is your source for custom packaging solutions, from engineering and design to production, warehousing and kitting. Here are just some of the custom box options we can discuss with you:

Custom Packaging Experts 

Your company has product experts who conceptualize, design and develop the franchise products your company is known for. And you might ask some of these product experts to step outside their expertise comfort zones to design the custom packaging those products need.   

Cradling your products 

But product designers and packaging engineers are two vastly different disciplines. At M-Line, our people are trained in the structural engineering and industrial design techniques needed to create attractive, effective, and cost-efficient packaging that cradles your products, so it arrives in perfect condition.  

Make no mistake, poorly designed packaging isn’t just a problem of esthetics – it can cost thousands or even millions of dollars due to product damage during shipping, and far more than that in brand value and loss of goodwill. That’s why it pays to work with a company like M-Line, whose custom packaging experts know how to design and deliver packaging that works.  

Custom boxes tailored to your needs 

Our solutions range from heavy-duty industrial designs capable of protecting critical components to retail packaging that doubles as point-of-sale displays. M-Line can also create ecologically friendly packaging that aligns with your recycling, sustainability, and circular economy aspirations. We make it possible to protect and ship your products with cardboard corrugated, chipboard, and SBS cartons, or plastic corrugated boxes and cartons.  

We can deliver completely custom boxes tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you have a concrete vision of what you need or a rough drawing, we can help you reach your packaging goals. We can suggest ways to improve your packaging process to save you time and space and help your bottom line. Our services range from evaluating your packaging materials and designs to handling warehousing and just-in-time delivery. We can also share experience-based insights that give you a competitive edge.  

Custom graphics services 

M-Line also offers custom graphics services. Our in-house graphics department uses cutting-edge software to create an entirely new look or apply your existing brand campaign to your packaging. We feature in-house full-color printing capabilities suitable for nearly any type of surface. We’ll help your packaging stand out – whether you have a full vision or just an idea.  

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