Custom Boxes with Inserts for Product Packaging

M-Line is your source to get the right packaging, from engineering a protective box specifically for your product that costs less to ship, to production and storage. Contact us today to discuss:

  • Regular slotted, full overlap and pallet cartons

    • Full selection of box sizes that are custom-fit to your product
  • One-piece and five-panel folders

    • Perfect for shipping flat items 
  • Telescoping, multi-depth and UN Boxes

    • Choose the right packaging dimensions and protection for your product
  • Die cuts and custom shipping inserts

    • Create a custom fit to protect your product in transit
  • Knock-down and returnable plastic boxes and cartons

    • Save money and re-use materials with durable plastic boxes and cartons
  • Single-, double-, or triple-wall or military-grade

    • Find the right durability for your product
  • Full-color retail grade custom printing

    • Make an impression on your end-user and create a memorable unboxing experience

From prototypes to full production, M-Line has the flexibility and capability to bring you the right product packaging at the right price. Just need a box without an insert? Check out our custom-sized boxes.

See VP of sales Nick Mihacevich demonstrate the basics of corrugated boxes.

Featured Shipping Material: Korrvu® Retention and Suspension Packaging

Korrvu retention packaging provides excellent protection for semi-rugged products that need a limited degree of protection from shock during shipping, handling and transportation cycles. Korrvu retention packaging holds your product securely within its proprietary film and retention frame.

Korrvu Suspension packaging can provide valuable or fragile products unparalleled product protection thoughout the shipping cycle – even after repeated drops. Korrvu suspension packaging suspends your product in the airspace of the shipping container between two layers of highly resilient low-slip film.

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Want to Learn More About Custom Boxes?

There are many benefits and options when it comes to using custom boxes for your products. M-Line covers everything from shipping inserts to telescoping.

Ready to Learn More About Corrugated Packaging?

It’s strong, lightweight, highly sustainable, easily customizable, and extremely cost-effective.  These are just a few of the reasons companies choose corrugated packaging for their products.