Custom Foam Inserts and Packaging Solutions

Keep your product safe from production to end-user with a custom foam insert or cushioning. We can provide the following types of foam for your needs:

  • Polyethylene

    • Strong, resilient, closed-cell foam. An ideal shock-absorbing product. Also used to dampen vibration.
  • Crosslinked Polyethylene

    • Has a smooth feel. Very fine closed-cell foam. Used extensively in automotive applications where Class A surface protection is required. Its high-tear resistance and excellent memory make this ideal when repeat uses are required.
  • Polyurethane

    • Soft, sponge-like, open-cell foam. Can be used in many different applications.
  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

    • Its low compression makes this an ideal foam for blocking, bracing and product separation.

Foam is a great option to add to a custom box for a perfect product fit.

You’ll also find foam roll stock, planks and pouches, custom slitting and perforation, custom cuts and more.

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Foam Products For Every Application

M-Line designs and supplies foam shapes for any application. Our customers use our custom foam inserts for boxes and cases,  packaging and product protection, and organizing tools and other parts. 

Dense foam materials can be reusable, and customized foam trays are a great solution for safely moving delicate or painted parts within your plant.