Custom Polyethylene Plastic Bags

M-Line specializes in custom poly bags and films. These products can be manufactured in either a single-layer or multi-layer film, with various resin additives, in different colors and prints, and with or without adhesive backing.

  • VCI Bags, Anti-Static Poly Bonnets and Oil-Resistant Foil Film Bags

    • These protective materials shield your product from corrosion and chemicals or provide a moisture barrier.
  • Special Blends for Added Strength

    • Customize your plastic products for your specific needs including amber-colored bags to keep sensitive light out for medical applications. 
  • Low or High-Density Materials

    • Choose a custom plastic product from flexible to solid depending on your needs.
  • Flat Poly Bags, Gusseted Poly Bags, Wicketed Bags, Vented & More

    • Find the right size and shape for your products. We even offer multi-compartment poly bags for separating small items or large pallet bags for protecting your shipment.
  • Custom-Printed Poly Bags

    • Choose a printed zip-top bag, colored poly bag or full-color printed bags to customize your selection.

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Custom plastic and poly product examples

How Do VCI Bags Work?

Volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) poly products are fast becoming one of our most popular items. They shield their contents from damage like rust and oxidation. Protect sensitive equipment and bare metal with a custom-designed VCI bag, film or sheet – contact us for details and capabilities.

Featured Product: Poly Masking Film

Our protective films are manufactured to order. That means you’ll get a product with the exact performance you need. We can customize these products by offering a wide range of material types, colors, thicknesses and options. 

The coating and converting technology allows us to apply any of our adhesive systems to the material of your choice.  These protective films are commonly used to protect appliances, cars, electronics and countertops during transportation.