Whether positive or negative, the packaging you deliver your product in says something about it, your brand, and your company itself. It can reinforce your commitment to quality, precision, and diligence or inadvertently telegraph disorder, compromise, and inconsistency to those on the receiving end.

Choose M-Line, the custom packaging experts

Using customer packaging experts like M-Line will help businesses avoid common packaging missteps. We at M-Line have met the custom packaging needs of our clients for nearly 40 years, delivering unique packaging solutions that meet or exceed customer requirements. Whether you need custom-fit boxes with compelling graphics that tell your brand story, or solutions that can protect delicate instruments or products from the rigors of shipping, M-Line can deliver. 

Our packaging experts can guide your selection of the most appropriate – and cost-effective – packaging solution. These can include custom boxes, wood crates and pallets, plastic cases and reusables, polyethylene bags, sheeting and film products, and foam inserts and cushioning – all customized to meet your specific requirements. 

Packaging consultation services

Companies sometimes attempt to shoehorn a product with unique requirements into off-the-shelf stock packaging, which can result in product breakage and customer dissatisfaction. Our packaging consultation services will work with you to design custom packaging ideally suited to your product. You supply the product samples, specs, and drawings, and our engineers will handle the rest. Our team can provide drawings, 3D renderings, and other documentation.

Our graphic design department can transform any shipping container into a high-impact message about your product, brand, and company. Our team will work with you to create a uniquely memorable message that reinforces your brand promise.

We offer a fully integrated packaging service

M-Line offers a fully integrated service that starts with custom capabilities and professional graphics capabilities but includes much more. For example, we provide kitting services that take all the hassle out of shipping. We’ll put together the packaging for you and ensure it arrives at your shipping department ready for you to simply add your product and send it off.

We also provide vendor-managed inventory for customers who need it. We’ll keep track of the product packaging in your warehouse and restock it automatically, so you never run short. What’s more, we can also store your packaging or product inventory to save space in your warehouse and ship it from our facilities in Brunswick, Ohio.

To discuss how our custom packaging experts can help you achieve the packaging results you’re looking for, call (800) 659-8559 or visit our website.

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