Our Product Packaging Services

Structural Engineering

To get started, you’ll provide us with a product sample, specs and drawings. Our in-house engineers, following our ISO-certified design process, will take care of the rest. 

We can also deliver drawings, 3-D renderings, material specs and documentation for you to keep on file, saving your engineering department time and money. 

Graphic Design

Make an impression with your packaging. We can help brand your products with logos, artwork and more. Create an entirely new look or let us apply your existing brand to your packaging.


Putting together packaging can take time, and employee labor. Let M-Line handle kitting for you so your packaging arrives fully ready – all you need to do is add your product.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Let us handle ordering and fulfillment for your packaging. We’ll keep track of the packaging in your warehouse, count it and replenish it automatically based on min/max levels you specify.

Packaging Consultation/Audit

Need help making your packaging budget and process more efficient? We can audit your current process to identify areas for improvement – and cost savings to you. 

Warehousing and Just-In-Time Delivery

Let us store your custom packaging or product inventory and save space in your warehouse. Short on warehouse personnel? A packaging distributor can control the flow of packaging into your company to make it easier for the staff that you do have.

When you need packaging inventory replenished, we ship your products directly from our warehouse in Brunswick, Ohio, to your location anywhere, nationwide.

Case Study: Kitting With JIT Delivery Saves Thousands

Customer GR was building their own crates in-house for their equipment, having two full-time employees cutting wood and building crates.

M-Line identified an opportunity to modify the method for packaging and provide the customer with Just-In-Time delivery of kitted packaging. GR would receive the new packaging as needed daily. GR could then immediately place their items inside the kitted packaging and ship the product.

Per M-Line’s suggestions, the two employees were relocated to manufacturing, reducing the packaging budget by $80,000. JIT delivery provided additional savings by not taking up room on the customer’s floor and improving cash flow, as packaging was not purchased or received until needed.