How does our ISO certification help you?

  • A professional auditor checks and certifies our quality system to ensure you can rely on our products.
  • Our design process meets ISO standards, ensuring our engineered products will meet the approved specs for every project. 
  • ISO certification requires constant improvement, so we’re always working to make things better for our customers.

No one’s perfect, but M-Line strives to be. When a problem or issue arises, we dig into the root cause of the problem. We then put policies and procedures in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Your order is traceable from the time you place it until it arrives at your company. The end result: you get the product you ordered on the day you want.

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“Your engineering services save us hours - days - weeks. Before, the engineers would change my design, then I had to get it to the other people. Then our guys had to design that, then relay that information. You guys save a lot of time here. Nobody else has that ability.”

- Jen H., purchasing agent, scientific equipment manufacturer

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Case Study: M-Line Saves Customer More Than $50,000 per year Through Smart Engineering

M-Line customer AC was buying various packaging products from multiple vendors. The customer’s engineering department was charged with controlling documentation for 100+ complex packages. Hours of engineering time were spent maintaining the drawings and certifications required from different vendors.

Worse, each time a new product was launched or revised, the same expensive process would repeat.

M-Line offered a single-vendor solution, providing all the packaging and all documentation with minimal time required from the customer’s engineers. This customer realized a minimum savings of five hours per week of engineering time that continue to be saved year after year with design changes and new products.

Cost Savings with M-Line

The customer’s engineering time cost was $100 per hour, creating a savings of $500/week, $26,000/year when working with M-Line.

Furthermore, reducing the number of vendors resulted in half the purchase orders and two-thirds fewer incoming deliveries, furthering cost savings the customer estimated at $20,000 per year.

By working with M-Line, this customer saves about $56,000 per year in indirect packaging costs.