Custom wooden crate holding medical equipment

Case Study: M-Line Saves Customer Thousands vs. Packaging Catalogs

Customer MAG was purchasing a large percentage of items from a popular packaging catalog. MAG was surprised to discover the high cost of incoming freight they were paying. They asked M-Line to help reduce the often-overlooked cost of freight that was part of their annual packaging spend.

MAG’s freight bill on the packaging items varied from $600 per month to as high as $1,100 per month. After learning more about their business and production goals, M-Line presented solutions that helped MAG with substantial cost savings:

  1. Consolidation of packaging items to bimonthly orders, saving them the cost of processing multiple purchase orders.
  2. Reduction of freight charges to nearly zero by slightly increasing the lead time on packaging items from one-two days to three-five days, and taking advantage of M-Line’s fleet of trucks and local delivery schedule.
  3. Design of a custom packaging solution for MAG’s specialty items. This reduced the material and labor cost involved with excessive wrapping and bundling to fit standard-size boxes and protect their items.

The actual costs of the stock items were less through M-Line as well. In total, M-Line saved MAG approximately $10,000 on their annual packaging spend.