Custom foam is perfect for the following scenarios:

1) The item you are shipping is very expensive

2) The item you are shipping is very delicate / fragile

3) You want your customer to have a great unboxing experience

4) Your product has many components / pieces and you want them orderly and organized

for your client when they open the box.

5) You want to make sure your item is packaged exactly the same way every time.

6) You have been using custom corrugated inserts.  They aren’t providing the proper protection or they are taking way too long to fold up.

7) Your product has been getting damaged in shipping.

8) You are currently using custom foam, but still getting damage. Time for a redesign. M-LINE’s engineering department can help!

1) You have been packaging your product with peanuts or bubble wrap and it is arriving to your customer just fine If you are looking to cut cost, custom foam will be more expensive.

2) Your product is very inexpensive

3) Your product is robust / not fragile

Cost is dependent on many factors:  Foam type, foam quantity, foam design, complexity of foam cuts, cutting method, and production run quantity.  Each job is quoted as a custom run that is made to order.  We cannot accurately get you a quote until the design is finished.  However, here are some examples to help you decide if custom foam fits your budget.

Design time: 3-5 days

Quote time: 2-3 days after design is completed

Samples / Prototypes: 1-2 weeks + shipping time

Production pieces: 3-4 weeks + shipping time

Yes, samples are provided and typically range in cost from $75-$150.  Sample approval is mandatory.  However, in most cases, we can credit the cost of the sample back to you with your larger production order.

In order to properly quote, the custom foam will need to be designed around your product.  There is an art and science to this and it takes our designers time to do this.  Our engineering department will need to invest time into your project.  Simple designs we may be able to do at no charge.  Other designs may come with a fee.  Sometimes a portion of that fee can be credited back with a production order. 

We can help you with custom foam for a single hard case, but please note there will be a design fee + the cost of the foam.

STEP files (the best thing you can send us)

Actual product (the 2nd best thing you can send us)



Maybe a picture of similar packaging you saw that you liked

Do you have a foam type in mind?  See this video for an explanation of different foam types: Watch Now

You can upload files here: Upload Files

Hesitant to send us your product detail / STEP files?  No worries.  Here is a link to a mutual NDA that will protect both parties’ IP (Intellectual Property). 

M-Line NDA Document